Division X


Division X straight from the Boogie Down Bronx

Powerful lyrics and music representing the Have-Nots and Underdogs
Division X opens Clean Money Music show @ NYC Marathon
Division X
Division X @ Health, Wealth & Music concert

Division X - Selections


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Hailing from the rugged streets of the South Bronx, Division X proudly emphasizes an original in-your-face sound and a thought-provoking rap edge. With self-produced attack track soundscapes.

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Clean Money Music NYC Tour 2022 - Hot fun in the summertime!

Clean Money Music Tour stops in NYC included CENTRAL PARK, HARLEM WEEK, HARLEM SUMMER STAGE, UPTOWN NIGHT MARKET, BRONX NIGHT MARKET, and the MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL. Great lyricism, hot beats and sizzling dance routines tantalized audiences of all ages and races. Clean Money Music performances left crowds feeling uplifted. Absent the negative references that in fact […]

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