Jeffrey Jonacin a.k.a GB BREEZY has southern & northern hip-hop style, sincere, yet strong personality captures souls all around the world. The level of respect & love that he give to his fan is like no other in Music Industry. GB BREEZY has also been featured on television reaching more than FIVE (5) MILLIONS Homes through the United States, Channel 9 NEWS Orlando, The Ledger Newspapers (Polk County), TOURED Central FL, Several Radio Stations, Stages, and MORE!



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Hey I wanted to take the time to say thank you for stopping by and for reviewing my music. Please join my "GUEST LIST" all I need is your name & email. This will give me the ability to contact with my fans / supporters. By providing your name and email, I will be able to personally give you a call or text from my PERSONAL NUMBER.

Joining "GUEST LIST" give you more access to FREE TICKETS, TEXT, CALL, AND GIFTS from GB BREEZY.

GB BREEZY's songs DARK CLOUDS, SWAGGED UP & PULL UP (with DROCK) revealed his southern hip-hop style, a sincere yet strong personality that captures souls worldwide. One of GB BREEZY's favorite phrases is: WE DO IT! He grinds every day and earns his way to the top of the CLEAN MONEY music charts within the 360EI organization.

You'll enjoy watching and hearing this superstar in the making! Show your support — buy GB Breezy songs today!

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