Collectively nothing comes close to the avengers of Jersey's music and entertainment, GXLD FVBRK. The creatives' paths were knit together in the small suburbs of South Jersey, USA. GXLD FVBRK uses their abilities of powerful lyricism, infectious melodies and captivating visuals to invoke the feeling of nostalgia in present form.
GXLD FVBRK on NYC LIVING - Channel 11 Interview and Performance CLEAN MONEY MUSIC
Family Fun Christmas Video Christmas Time Again by GXLD FVBRK
GXLD FVBRK on WHCR 90.3FM - The Voice of Harlem interview CLEAN MONEY MUSIC


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The collectives' chemistry alone is unrivaled. Between S. K. Y.' s innovative, animated styles, themelodicpoet' s unparalleled sound & Zel's phenomenal song writing and vocal abilities, the collective creates an undeniable, sonic imprint. With co-signs from Eric Bellinger to B. Slade, the superhuman pack continues to deliver through the arts of genre-bending taking Hip Hop and Soul to new heights. Influenced by the late great, Stan Lee, GXLD FVBRK strives for longevity in building a culture-shifting dynasty.

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The Road to GXLD!

Magnetic. That’s how we define what pulls us in. Compelling to the point where you can’t get enough. The market is currently said to be over saturated with fleeting talents, but gold may have been struck within the suburbs of South Jersey. GXLD FVBRK is a collective of individuals who use their unique capability of […]

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