Professor Stymie


Founder of Spoken, International. Brooklyn built producer, poet, emcee, actor and host. Bringing together spoken word poets worldwide to heal and unite the globe through spoken word.

Birth of a Lyrical Soldier


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Professor Stymie has performed in many spaces from NYC's, "Neuyorican" to Orlando's, "Diverse Word." In his career, he has formed a band, acted in movies, produced tv shows, hosted radio, emceed events and performed spoken word. Partnering with Don Fryson in 2009, they created 360 Entertainment International. Together, they have worked on many projects along the way. Productions like "Dance Kingdom" television show, 360 EI/ Clean Money Music Radio (AM/FM), The H.S. Invasion Tour, Clean Money Music and much more. Currently, A television show is in the works named "Spoken International". Check out the channel here on

Let there be Word!

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