Sherlee Skai makes it her duty to promote the Haitian culture everywhere in the best light possible.

As an activist, Sherlee Skai, who was on the ground in Del Rio, Texas with Haitian Bridge Alliance also uses her voices to raise awareness about the need for better immigration policies in the US where she often asks that migrants are received with dignity. In her new specially curated concert entitled "Music and Conversation with Sherlee Skai", the artist presents songs, poetry, and dialogues



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Jazz/World Music singer-songwriter Sherlee Skai brings a unique sound shaped by multicultural influences from Haitian folklore to American jazz and soul. There are many ways to describe Sherlee Skai: unique, talented, and charismatic. Above all, Sherlee Skai is real. She sings from the soul combining art, story, and song in perfect unison.

Based in New York where she graced the stages of Harlem Week, New-York Marathon, and more, Sherlee Skai released her album “Toutouni” in which she celebrates her origin and culture, shares her vision as an immigrant, a woman standing in front of life, hence the title “Bare Naked”.

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