I am blessed and through hard work and God's strength I am able to be a blessing to others and can now share my passion for music and dance and still be an example of encouragement, particularly to our youth. 



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He's a native of Philadelphia yet raised in Florida, Tiger has that Chris Brown, T-Pain, Michael Jackson, Dirty South vibe that can be appreciated by every demographic. This hiphop artist, dancer and host, is the entertainer the world has been waiting for.

Tiger "The HopeBoy" released his first single entitled "Ride on 'Em" which debuted on Billboard's Hot R&B Hip Hop Single Sales Chart at #9 and worked its way to the #3 position. Simultaneously, the song landed on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart at # 22 and worked its way to the #14 position. The song was created to inspire people to always pursue their goals and dreams despite any obstacles, adversity or negativity.

In his early years as a youth, he danced with Tupac Shakur and Public Enemy. Now he commands the stage like no other rapper since MC Hammer. Tiger's high energy and stage presence is second to none. His incredible dance styles include Break Dancing, Popping & Locking, Jukin, Jerking and Freestyle. Tiger embodies everything that is associated with urban dance.

Tiger "The HopeBoy" believes to whom much is given, much is required. When he signed with 360 EI Records, Tiger demanded a portion of his sign on bonus be used to assist underprivileged youth in and around his community. He initiated The High School SWAG (Students Who Achieve Greatness) Tour and performed live for students around Central Florida. He provided students with Scholarships, laptops, computers, Blackberrys, school supplies and an assortment of prizes from X-box's, digital cameras, Wii's and much more.

Tiger "The HopeBoy" is truly a different breed of rapper. He dubs himself the Commercial Rapper due to his creativity, clean lyrics and strategic goals.

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