In collaboration, KM Management Group and NCN Radio TV Produces and / or  Presents Entertainment Events

KMG is a Founding Member of the CRE8TIVE COLLECTIVE

NCN Radio TV (Nonprofit Community Network) provides AM radio on 1230 AM Wezo the People’s Station in Augusta, Georgia FM radio on Power 102.5 KHSX FM Houston, Texas platform.

These networks are made up of individuals, groups, students and organizations that come together to address social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues in their communities.

EMARC ENTERTAINMENT (EMARC) is an American multinational record label based in New Jersey with offices in Atlanta, Barbados, and London. As an entertainment conglomerate it distinguishes itself through sheer determination to provide ultra exposure for its artists in all entertainment mediums. It's no wonder artists are flocking to the company, they're all getting rich over there. The label's current focused is predominantly on hip hop, pop, rock, R&B, indie and urban music, but looking to expand into Country music.  DJ's say it's where the music of the future is being made.

Distributed By Universal Music Group / Bungalo

Spoken International is a global Spoken Word Poetry Society started in Orlando, FL. It is a space where wordsmiths can come together and breathe. A place where poets can come together and bring you a piece of their peace. There will be an intercontinental television show, playlists, streamed slams, virtual international open mics and vs. competitions.

Join "Spoken International", Spoken Word Poetry Society today to be able to participate in events globally. Set up your profile on to participate today. Be sure to click Spoken International as a channel of interest.

Yours in Word,
Spoken International


Promotes and preserves the past, present and future of hip-hop music and cultural arts

Highlights the role of hip- hop music & culture in the broader urban culture and explores its social impact in the world

Creates and supports projects that develop, inspire, educate and enrich the hip-hop community

Celebrates the positive and uplifting characteristics of the music culture that promotes socio-economic empowerment, and urban development

Se parte Del nuevo movimiento urbano que marca la diferencia, de la música hoy en día!!. Bienvenidos a la pagina que da apertura a los artistas urbanos de Sudamérica. Atrévete a conocer de nuestras raíces, cultura, y dialecto latino. En manos de clean money music que nos da La propuesta de expandir el entrenamiento sano para nuestras almas Nuestra plataforma se basa en edificar tu entendimiento musical como la que conoces hoy en día. Te brindamos la oportunidad de interactuar con tus artistas favoritos. En entrevistas eventos y mucho más.. Conocerás la otra cara de la Moneda de la musica urbana. Disfruten!

Be part of the new urban movement that makes a difference in music today! Welcome to the page that opens South America's urban artists and creatives. Dare to learn about our roots, culture, and Latin dialect. We are honored to collaborate with Clean Money Music, which allows us to expand healthy music for the soul. This new platform will enable us to build our cultures and better understand them. We allow you to interact with your favorite artists. In interviews, events, and much more. You will get to know the other side of the urban music coin. Enjoy!

The annual NYC Multicultural Festival is the largest showcase of different cultures of the world in one place and at one time. On the stage will be a continuous stream of world-class cultural dancers, singers, and musicians giving spectacular performances that will make you marvel at the magnitude of cultural diversity in NYC.

Groove with an extraordinary line of of artists in this sensual collection of music and video.

The pulse of world music...


West, East, North & South African Music


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