Don Fryson presents Clean Money Music Summer Tour 2023

Date Published: 
September 17, 2023

NEW YORK 2023. In celebration of Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary, Don Fryson, President & CEO / 360 Entertainment International, LLC (360EI), presented CLEAN MONEY MUSIC SUMMER TOUR 2023 ―and has received rave reviews!

CLEAN MONEY MUSIC™ also celebrates its tenth year of performing in New York City; starting in Harlem, special thanks to Voza Rivers, executive producer for paving the way.

“Music for Every Ear, Everywhere” CLEAN MONEY MUSIC™ infuses Hip Hop with R&B, Pop, Afro-Beat and Urban Dance providing entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. People in the audience overwhelmingly acclaim they leave the shows feeling “refreshed”.

CLEAN MONEY MUSIC™ entertains, educates and empowers audiences with great music and memorable performances that are perfect for corporate, community, and commercial events. Clean and commercial, Don Fryson, President & CEO, demonstrates that lyrical content need not contain negative references to be a hit with young people. CLEAN MONEY MUSIC™ inspires youth to achieve greatness against all odds.

Instead of lowering self-esteem and propelling negative stereotypes. Clean Money Music brings a different dynamic to the way people and the media perceive hip-hop artists and the communities they represent.

Clean Money Music Summer Tour 2023 features national emerging artists:

Gxld Fvbrk, Tezz Cart'R, Tydre, Didiami, THawk, Shauny, Rachel Raquel, Gospel Gabe, Dru Ryan, Lamar Bryan, Vkomah, Jerz and Shyy. Representing NYC, Mt. Vernon, South Carolina, Barbados, Atlanta, Seattle, New Jersey and Philadelphia. All performing artists are featured on, digital streaming platform and entertainment portal.

Performances included: Opened for HARLEM WEEK at A Great Day in Harlem, Central Park / HARLEM MEERS FESTIVAL (two-hour show), HARLEMWEEK on Harlem Day, SUMMER BREEZE concert series at Mt Vernon City Hal; SUMMER STAGE OF HARLEM at the Harlem State Office Building and Marcus Garvey Park.

Channel 11 / NEW YORK LIVING invited Clean Money Music to the studio as a guest on the show for an interview, live performance, and aired video highlights of past events. Clean Money Music was also interviewed by HIP HOP HALL OF FAME TV radio program live on WHCR FM. Others are lined up.

The tour kicks off “HIP HOP! Building The Next 50 Years Together”. This is a collaboration initiated by Don Fryson / Clean Money Music, Danny Tisdale / Harlem World Magazine and Marko Nobles / Rhythm & Soul Radio; joined by Hip Hop Hall of Fame TV, Harlem Arts Alliance, Emarc Entertainment, Remnant Entertainment, and many others coming on board.

“We are committed to achieve a healthy balance of music and entertainment directed to multicultural youth and communities”.

For more information on how you can participate, book a show or sponsor an event, visit or Email: [email protected]. You can also watch video footage, hear the music and check out feature artists pages on, digital streaming platform and entertainment portal (a division of 360EI).


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