"This drama is set in a church near the WTC and a love story of a firefighter died in the line of duty in rescue operation against terrorism and his bereaved family. Any people from any countries may feel the same sorrow when they lost beloved family. If we stand on such a point, sad incidents like terrorism will never happen. There are still wars and terrorism at various places around the world. We need to join hands in hands and respect each other as fellows living on the same Earth over the differences of race, culture and religion, not to fight each other. It’s exactly the future of the Earth we need to choose, isn’t it? We would like to convey that through this drama."

A U.S. Marine who's suffering from PTSD reminisces about his tumultuous past and makes a decision that will affect his future.

LANGSTON HUGHES Documentary. Narrated by OSSIE DAVIS. Reflections by Ruby Dee, Talib Kweli, Damon Dash... Fundraiser for New Heritage Theatre Group, oldest Black Theatre company in NYC

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