Fighting Through The Flames Of The Past

Date Published: 
November 2, 2023

MOVIE REVIEW: The Firefighters

True to it’s culture, we are given a background on the founder of the Inamori Art Project Group, Noriko Inamori,  & their global impact within the first five minutes of the feature. The Firefighters is a film filled with moments that would tug at anyone’s heart strings.

The motion picture starts out in New York on nine eleven of the year twenty thirteen. It begins with a young girl, Maria, & her Aunt Rie who are discussing the tragic events of 9/11 & the bravery of the many firefighters who gave their lives that day. As it continues the film travels into the past to show us a group of firefighters who risk their lives to save others during the attack on the Twin Towers.

The amount of selflessness & courage exhibited by these firefighters is truly inspiring. The Firefighters cinema not only touches on the fearlessness of the firefighters, but the tremendous amount of grief that followed for their families. Also we see a glimpse of how the world wanted to persecute & discriminate against all Muslims for the damage few had caused.

Although the particular events or people in this screenplay were fictional, it’s impact & point of view of 9/11 were real. Not only does the Inamori Art Project Group show us pain, grief & tragedy, but they also show love, & how true sacrifice will never go unnoticed.


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