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Daniel and Josephine Webb-Danielson
New York City’s newest “power couple” husband-and-wife team collaborating on every project together, from inception to presentation! Their web series “Mr. and Mrs. Jackson” produced and co-directed by the pair, won multiple awards including Best costume design (Hip-Hop Film Festival 2019) ironically the same year they launched their trendy women’s streetwear clothing line “Trendstar NYC”. Their latest project Black Privilege White Power is in development.
"His eye is on the sparrow" scene from Black Privilege. White Power. award winning proof of concept.
Another lynching of a young black male in segregated Mississippi leads to a spiritually charged funeral, encouraging the community to stand up and protest the brutality of the local government and the White Knights of Mississippi AKA The Ku Klux Klan!
A stirring tale of courage and sacrifice. In the segregated Jim Crow south, a group of young college student volunteers worked tirelessly to establish fair treatment and equal voting rights. Their courage caught the attention of national media outlets while infuriating staunch southern segregationists. The students harrowing acts of courage defined the movement, inspiring Congress and the Federal government to enact the Voters Rights Act of 1965, thus forever changing the democracy of the United States!
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Trailer from the 2018 Award Winning Web Series.
As designers the "Power Couple" launched a beautiful spring summer line of women's streetwear fashion, as seen here on the runways of Harlem Fashion Week in 2019 weeks before the Pandemic hit!


DFC Media Group is a team of creative storytellers led by Daniel Danielson and Josephine Webb. Together, they specialize in digital media and content creation across multiple verticals. 

DFC’s mission is to entertain and enlighten audiences around the world with powerful, creative stories that resonate on an emotional level. They believe that great art can change people's lives for the better and are committed to telling stories that matter.

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