Step 2: Manage Membership Account

Change Membership Plan

Change Plan from FREE to PRO Plan (for same Creative Type): Artist Basic to Artist Pro, Producer Basic to Producer Pro, Filmmaker Free to Filmmaker Pro, etc.

  • Select the PRO plan for your Creative Type
  • Go to Check Out and provide requested information.

NOTE: The Data you previously entered for the Basic plan is carried over to the upgraded PRO plan.

  • New PRO fields are added to your Creative Listing
  • Go to EDIT CREATIVE LISTING FORM to update PRO listing. (See Step3: Manage Creative Listing)

Change your account from PRO to FREE

  • Basic fields only will display on your Creative Listing.

Change you account to another Creative Type

  • Data previously entered is removed, deleted.

Cancel Membership

Membership Cancel. You may cancel your membership account at anytime.

  • Once canceled, your creative listing is taken down within 24 hours

Multiple Membership Accounts

View all Membership Options. To create multiple Membership Accounts  (i.e., if you want an Artist Listing and a Producer Listing:

  • LOG OUT -> Go to Signup / Subscription Plans and select a new Member Plan
  • Create a new Member Account: select the Creative Type and Level you want
  • NOTE: A different email address and account name is required for each Membership Account

My Account

Edit Profile or Change Password

Billing / Invoice

Review Billing and Invoice Details

Member Links

Go to LIVE Events you registered

  • Click title Link to View LIVE (or On-Demand) event
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