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August 27, 2021

Only PRO subscribers are eligible to sell music at the

All Downloads are Non-Refundable

A live Customer Service Representative will provide personal assistance to help setup your Music Store account and provide you with support as needed.


You can sell Single tracks or albums at Music Store. Subscribers set the sales price of products to be sold on Music Store.

  • Subscriber uploadsmp3 tracks, images, text, credits a bio and other applicable information.
  • An Account is setup for each Subscriber that signs up to


Monthly statements that itemize each transaction (credit / debit) for each Subscriber account are made available to Subscriber upon Request.

  • Account activity statements are emailed to all Subscribers on a quarterly basis.

Payments to Subscriber for Retail Sales from funds received by a customer are paid by check.

  • will pay 75% of the retail sales price for digital content sold out of of funds received from a customer for the sale of your product content.


Payment to Subscribers for Music Store sales are made on a quarterly basis by check. However, if the account has $50 or more in monthly sales, the Subscribers has the option to request and be granted monthly payments.

  • Provide with the correct mailing address for where you want your record sales payment to be sent.


Applied pertaining to fiscal management of Subscriber accounts.

All funds received for sales are held in an escrow account.


Subscribers have the right to engage a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”) to audit their account at any time at your own expense, but not more than once a year, and only within one (1) year after the date you are provided the statement. The CPA may make such an examination only during normal business hours at the place where such books and records are maintained. The Subscriber must provide us with thirty (30)-days written notice prior to commencing an audit and must identify the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the CPA conducting the audit on your behalf.

Should you have any objections to a accounting statement provided to you, you agree that you shall give us specific notice of that objection, including a copy of your CPA’s analysis of the accounting statement, and your reasons for it within eighteen (18) months after you have received the statement. You agree after the eighteen (18) month period, you will no longer have any right to make any other objections to it notwithstanding any audit rights you may otherwise have under any applicable law or regulation. Any payments determined to be owed following an audit shall be paid within forty-five (45) days of the delivery of your CPA’s audit report, unless objected to in writing by, in which case any payments due shall be postponed pending the resolution of the audit dispute. A late fee of one-half percent (0.5%) shall be due for underpaid royalties. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, you will not have the right to sue us in connection with any statement, or to sue us for unpaid royalties for the period a statement covers, unless you commence the suit within that eighteen (18) month period.


You acknowledge and agree that you are ultimately responsible for the payment of any Sales Tax owed in connection with the sale or distribution of your product pursuant to this Agreement, and you hereby indemnify for any Sales Tax that may be owed in addition to those amounts collected and remitted on your behalf by

The Subscriber is solely responsible for obtaining and paying for any and all clearances or licenses required in the Authorized Territory (or any portion thereof) for the use of any musical works embodied in Your Content.


The Subscriber is responsible for complying with the Recording Industry Association of America’s (“RIAA”) Parental Advisory Logo (“PAL”) Standards, as applicable, for so long as you use the Services. Information about the RIAA PAL Program is available here:

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