HMbeatz is a multifaceted producer.Through his musicianship of piano, he has the ability to create the vibe for almost any artist. He is greatly known for creating R&B, Rap and Hip Hop instrumentals. His creativity and versatile styles allows him to work with various artist types. Keep watching this rising producer.

Petrofsky is a music producer, beatmaker and a dj from Ukraine, now living in Portugal. Since 2015 he's been working internationally with independent artists from the United States, Canada and other countries. By being consistent and developing long-term relationships with artists, Petrofsky and his collaborators have created music that surpassed millions of streams, was placed in films and video games and touched the hearts of fans.

Every week, Petrofsky produces 5 new beats for his online catalog of instrumentals that artists can license today:

Spotify playlist of songs produced by Petrofsky:

Youtube playlist of songs produced by Petrofsky:

Trakformerz Productions LLC is an innovative production company formed in early 2006 with a full range of resources to fill your needs. Based outside of Orlando, Florida the Mecca of entertainment, TFP has it hands on the pulse of the music industry.

What makes TFP stand out is our ability to PRODUCE, and guide artist rather than just being beat makers. We do make beats, but we also possess the skills to produce around certain artists matching the music to the artists ideas and styles.

Besides just producing, TFP also obtains many other skills such as Artist Development, Artists Management, Song Writing and Mixing. We obtain everything that is needed to ensure success. Trakformerz is also an ON-Air Personality for CLEAN MONEY MUSIC on 98.5 FM The Wire as well as acting A&R for CMM.

TFP has worked with the likes of Killah Priest from the Wu-Tang Clan, H-Town, Dougie Fresh, Olori Manns from (G.O.D. S.Q.U.A.D. Ent.), A-Nova, Hustle Gang (Grand Hustle), That Mexican OT, Kyle Edwards, and many more.
TFP is currently working on many different projects , so stay tuned!!!!!

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