Petrofsky Beats


Petrofsky is a beatmaker based in Portugal that has worked with 1000+ artists internationally. Songs produced by Petrofsky have been rotated in NBA2k, Hollywood films and have surpassed millions of streams. Every week Petrofsky makes 5 beats for his online beat store, where you can license them and create your songs using his top-quality production


Petrofsky is a music producer, beatmaker and a dj from Ukraine, now living in Portugal. Since 2015 he's been working internationally with independent artists from the United States, Canada and other countries. By being consistent and developing long-term relationships with artists, Petrofsky and his collaborators have created music that surpassed millions of streams, was placed in films and video games and touched the hearts of fans.

Every week, Petrofsky produces 5 new beats for his online catalog of instrumentals that artists can license today:

Spotify playlist of songs produced by Petrofsky:

Youtube playlist of songs produced by Petrofsky:

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