Magnetic. That’s how we define what pulls us in. Compelling to the point where you can’t get enough.

The market is currently said to be over saturated with fleeting talents, but gold may have been struck within the suburbs of South Jersey. GXLD FVBRK is a collective of individuals who use their unique capability of genre bending to throw a refreshing sound into the wave of today. Taking hip hop, r&b, and soul into another dimension.

Nostalgia in present form is only one way to describe this trio’s vibe. They’re young in age, yet seasoned in soul. The three members, S.K.Y., ZeL, & themelodicpoet, all have a special flavor they bring to the table that comes together to create a master dish. Between S.K.Y.’s animated persona, ZeL’s rare tone, and themelodicpoet’s incomparable beat making, this group is a force of nature.

GXLD FVBRK continuously strives to stand out from the crowd with their energetic style & forward thinking. Contrary to what is shown within the music industry of today, GXLD FVBRK exhibits boundless qualities that go beyond the average musician.

Recently the collective made quite the impression throughout Harlem Week, and their appearances on PIX11 News & WHCR 90.3FM The Voice Of Harlem with the Clean Money Music team.

Satya Nadella once said, “longevity in this business is about being able to re-invent yourself or invent the future”. GXLD FVBRK has the promise of longevity between their adeptness both lyrically & in production; and, their way of re-introducing who they are with each track. The group‘s “outside the box flare” on instrumentals leave something to be desired for their artistry in the future & proves they’d rather influence the trends than be influenced by them. Their impact will be culture shifting.

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