Videography Standards

For Feature Events reserves the right to be selective. Featured Virtual and Live Events must meet quality standards. For starters, when filming an event:
  1. Make sure cameras are fully set up prior to shoot (focus, aperture, framerate, shutter speed, white balance, etc.)

  1. One stationary (Main) Camera on tripod, shooting entire stage from front / center position.

  1. When there is professional sound, main camera should get audio feed of mix from the board.

  1. One to Two Roaming handhelds shooting from stage left & stage right positions, close-ups of performers, and crowd shots. One handheld should be assigned to shoot / follow main artist through entire performance (tight shot) whenever feasible.
  1. Main and hand-held shots need to be well composed. (Composition refers to the way elements of a scene are arranged in a camera frame. Shot composition refers to the arrangement of visual elements to convey an intended message).

  2. Shoot entire artist performance without cuts, if not feasible, at minimum shoot entire songs without cuts.

Note: Our video quality standard is 4K @ 24fps (frames per second), 1080P @ 24fps only when 4K is not available.