Hank Nishiyama


Highly respected guitarist and musician based in Tokyo, Japan.

HANK NASHIYAMI has played at the best venues in Japan and South East Asia and collaborates with top musicians worldwide!

Graduate of AN School Of Contemporary Music in Tokyo (Jazz Guitar, Acoustic Jazz, Guitar Ensemble, Band Ensemble)

Hank's also known to funk it up!!

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In Japan, he has worked with Masaki Ueda, Shanti Snyder, Shinji Tanimura, Takeshi Ito (T-SQUARE), Toshinobu Kubota, and more. He has performed for the Java Jazz Festival, Bali Jazz Festival, Bangkok Jazz Festival, Guam Jazz Event, Korea Jazz Event, Japan Expo Paris, Tokyo Jazz.

Internationally, Hank has collaborated with artists such as Alyson Williams, Alex Al, Bobby Watson (Rufus), Bob James, Calvin Youngblood (SOS Band), Dennis Bradford (Jeff Lober Fusion), Gordon Chambers, Hiram Bullock, James Gadson, Jody Watley, Larry Bolden (Lakeside), Leon Lai (Movie star in Hong Kong), Michael Paulo, Nathan East, Paul Jackson (The Head Hunters), Philip Woo (The Maze), Ralph Rolle (CHIC), Ricky Lawson, Roy Ayers, Sly & Robbie.

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