Lainie Cooke


Lainie Cooke's vocals are smooth and comforting, filled with that old heartache blues feeling (e.g., check out "When A Woman Loves a Man" as kind of the epitome of how to sing a torch song).

This is so whether she sings a ballad or swings out on tunes like "It's Always You."

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Jazz Improv Magazine
LAINIE COOKE: The Journey So Far
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Lainie Cooke's Early Morning Blues


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After studying theater for two years at the University of Minnesota, in 1961 she moved to New York City at age 20, and amongst other things, became a successful voice-over artist for commercials, documentaries, and motion pictures which has kept her busy for four decades. A member of the New Heritage Theatre Group family, Lainie has recorded with HARLEMWOOD RECORDS.

I am not a trained musician. I am a trained actor.
Singing the Truth My Truth

It’s how I embrace, respect

and honor the music and the song.

On Happy Madness I have sung the truth as I hear it and know it.

These songs are about something and somebody and my hope is when
you hear them you will think about your own something or somebody

and Buy Her Music!!

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