Here's What You Get
  • Event Listing w/ Trailer or Video Promotion

  • Broadcast Stream (viewing page setup to run per your schedule)

  • Guest Registration (captures name and email)

  • Ticket Sales (optional, charge what you want; merchant and transaction fees apply

  • Guest Report (lists all transactions per event)

NOTE: Featured Events must be filmed in HD format. See Videography Standards.

Broadcast Services

Customer Support Will Setup Your Broadcast and Listing Pages For You

NOTE: Live Streams are subject to remote Internet Connection.
Recommendation: Ensure Highest Quality Stream by Pre-Taping Shows (edit footage optional)

The following information is required:
1) Broadcast Event Title
2) Type of Broadcast, (i.e., film, video or Live stream)
3) Date(s) and Times for Event
4) Event Price per viewer
5) Name of Presenter / Host
6) Name of Video Producer


Send Customer Support a copy of your broadcast file in mp4 format using (drop box, WeTransfer, google drive, etc).

We will set up your broadcast page, then email the data you need to stream from the remote location:
1) Broadcast URL link
3) Stream Key

You're All Set!
Setup your input device and stream virtual event as scheduled.

Guest Registration Services
Capture Your Guests Contact Information on Paid and Free Events

GUEST REGISTRATION: Enter Name and Email; User Name and Password. Registered guests can watch broadcast anytime during the scheduled run.

TICKET SALES: You determine price for Event Ticket Sales for paid events. 

ACCOUNTING:  Financial transactions are processed by STRIPE. 

1) Financial Transaction: standard fee 2.9% plus 30 cents
2) Pay-Per-View Service: $1 per ticket sale

NET PAYMENTS:  are credited to your account (Stripe, Bank or PayPal) within 24 hours of your broadcast end date. 

GUEST REPORT: lists registered visitors name. email and any fee paid


Share Event Details and Promote

LIVE Event Listings on, includes:

  • Event Title
  •  Event Presenter

  • Event Producer

  • Event Description

  • Featured Image

  • Trailer

  • Date and Time of Event

  • Price

  • Social Media Share


SEO Data (optimized for advanced search engine placement)

Videography Standards

Feature Live Events Must Meet Quality Standards

Video quality standard: 4K @ 24fps (frames per second), 1080P @ 24fps only when 4K is not available.


1. Make sure cameras are fully set up prior to shoot (focus, aperture, framerate, shutter speed, white balance, etc.)

2. One stationary (Main) Camera on tripod, shooting entire stage from front / center position.

3. When there is professional sound, main camera should get audio feed of mix from the board.

4. One to Two Roaming handhelds shooting from stage left & stage right positions, close-ups of performers, and crowd shots. One handheld should be assigned to shoot / follow main artist through entire performance (tight shot) whenever feasible.

5. Main and hand-held shots need to be well composed. (Composition refers to the way elements of a scene are arranged in a camera frame. Shot composition refers to the arrangement of visual elements to convey an intended message).

6. Shoot entire artist performance without cuts, if not feasible, at minimum shoot entire songs without cuts. reserves the right to be selective
Registration & Tickets
Event Listing
Videography Standards
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